Friday, January 21, 2011

Bull at a gate

I must be turning into my mother because I've just shown a dreadful lack of patience and forward thinking. (It's not that she doesn't plan, she's just a tad enthusiastic about projects!) I woke up this morning feeling fine and dandy - only a teensy little bit of hip pain really. So this afternoon I went for a jog. Just a little one. And I did dance a little jig at home as a test first, so you see I was really quite practical and sensible about it. I toned it down to five minute intervals and did that on a flat level for an hour. Well, until I fell off the treadmill! I was rather busy watching the tennis and came a cropper. I think I feel ok now. I'm icing my hip just in case. Ice is my new best friend. The biggest problem I had was the handful of peanuts I'd eaten beforehand. Yes, I know you are supposed to leave it an hour - but who can wait that long?!

Yay acting before thinking!

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Anonymous said...

sorry, but I am just imagining you falling off the treadmill while watching the tennis - is a tiny bit hilarious.

Hope you feel better for RIDING next week!

Curvy Kitty said...

I like to think it was gracefully done! Fingers crossed I pull up ok tomorrow ;)

Sailor Lily said...

oh such slapstick and comedy of errors. You really do remind me of Kit (Captain of the Lacrosse firsts) in 'First Year Up', a 1946 edition that Mum passed on to me. Captain kit was a trooper, but many illustrations have her getting in a pickle, with bloomers awry but curls always prisitne!

could you try just taking it easy and enjoy watching the tennis?


Curvy Kitty said...

Ha! I love the idea of Captain Kit! Today I am taking it easy with watching the cycling and the tennis. Still in my pajamas!