Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feeling sporty

I've given up on the cricket. There is nothing but pain there for me. So it's a good thing the tennis is starting. (Apologies to my sweetheart, who is not so enthusiastic!)

I've been going to the gym for barely a week and already I'm feeling lean and lithe - despite the complete lack of evidence thus far. Despite the fact that I'm so hungry afterwards that I completely pig out. Despite the fact that I'm not even really running so far, just run / walking - though I did up the run time today and that went ok. Plus it means that I might need to get my hair cut because sweaty jogging and setting your hair in pin curls doesn't mix. Still, I feel good and am already imagining myself in some cute vintage inspired gym outfit.

I think i've blogged about tennis outfits before, but really, they're so cute!

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