Friday, January 14, 2011

Mr Postman

Australia Post has lost my parcel. I've filled in the appropriate form and now I just wait. And wait. I sent this parcel off on December 1. Not happy. But this pattern arrived today so that is exciting.

Recently I mocked up a skirt and jacket in muslin. The brown number on the right sans embroidery.

It looked awful so I put it in my sewing basket to think about it. Then Lyle cat slept on it and when I fished it out and put it on it looks perfect! Yay Lyle! Stunning use of felines in dressmaking. I'm figuring the muslin was a bit stiff and the kitty heat softened it up.

I've got this in my stash too. I'd love to make it stripey, just like the picture but I'm a bit scared of fabric with a nap. Bit more practice first!

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