Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New look?

I've been told I should update my blog. But I really haven't done anything. I just wrote a letter to my mum, which was pretty much me complaining about the weather for two pages. I read a 1950s thriller by Helen McInnes and now I want to go to Greece. I read an autobiography of Gene Tierney. She was a real sweetheart. I haven't watched any movies but I did recently buy a copy of Gone With The Wind, I just haven't had a spare four or five hours to watch it!

There is a serious matter to contemplate though: should I get my hair cut? Can I live without Victory Rolls? No, I'm too scared. But still... What with cycling and jogging, it's too hard to set my hair in pin curls, I just get that sweaty every day. Plus there's the ridiculous matter of my hair going straight. This has been an absolute disaster for me. I complain often. I'm hoping that losing some length will help get the curl back. But if it doesn't... then I'm stuck with short, straight hair. And curls are the essence of Forties' style. Oh what to do? What to do?


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Sailor Lily said...

hey- from one who has often braved going shorter I have to recommend it! as your hair is no longer so curly it will seem to grow faster too. Perhaps a mid-length-bob that is slightly tapered from the jaw to longer at the back? still very forties and less heavy to curl. Look at photos and ask strangers!