Saturday, January 1, 2011

Quiet time

I've been having a bit of time out, feeling a bit fragile. Lots of sitting on the sofa, a movie or two (Deer hunter and Black hawk down - not the most cheering of films but very enjoyable) and reading some forties noir. My sister has been to visit and we've sat around eating cherry tarts and drinking cups of tea. She helped me to use my sewing machine for the first time. I am very proud to say I have made myself three shirts from a vintage pattern. I bought some material from an online quilting store in Sydney, Quiltsmith. They sell a huge range of beautiful repro fabrics from the twenties to fifties - irresistible. My young man helped me choose buttons and I've discovered I have quite a passion for them - such pretty colours. We've found an online store that sells vintage buttons and buckles, the Button Bower, very reasonably priced too. So I'll stock up there come payday. I've one more shirt cut out but have run out of thread so that will have to wait. There's also a big pile of calico waiting for me to mock up a skirt pattern. It's immensely satisfying and I can't believe I've managed to achieve something quite creditable. Certainly couldn't have done it without my sister's expertise. Vintage patterns come with notoriously minimal instructions so her advice was crucial. Very proud!

I've also joined the gym, a great help for depression. Been twice, jogging on the treadmill, so sore legs so far! Plus I've been out for a few rides on my new bike (thanks Santa!) It is a thing of great beauty and deserves a blog post all of its own. I am completely in love. I have never owned anything so wonderful.

Thanks to everyone for their kind wishes. I'm feeling ok and have benefitted from some time off. Ready to start a new year!

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donnasoowho said...

Glad you didn't sew over your finger. Shirt looks lovely!