Saturday, January 1, 2011

True love

Today MrChairman and I celebrate our anniversary. It's an amazing feeling - like you've known someone forever, yet they continue to surprise and delight you. So I'm figuring I've got this love thing sussed. Recently, however, I've had my doubts. I've realized that this feeling of perfect love is nothing but an illusion, a mirage. Turns out love has much much more to show me.

This revelation came on Christmas Eve and has rocked my world in the days since. I've met someone for whom I have such passionate feelings, I am left speechless and humble. This special someone is Maybelline, my new bike. It is so very very special indeed.

Now this love didn't come cheap, the thought of which filled me with some creeping kind of fear and dread. Oh the extravagance of it! Did I deserve it? Turns out, it's worth every single penny. This bike sure is something else. I find myself drifting into the bedroom during the day to sit and stare at it. I have never ridden anything so amazing. And it's not just a bike. It's a gift of fun times with friends, goal setting and challenges, enormous exercise fueled breakfasts, camping trips to the high country for climbing holidays, weightloss and long lazy chats with the girls and the sheer giddy sense of being a kid just messing around on a bike. That's a pretty good anti depressant!

Isn't she a doll? For the technical folks this is a Parlee Z5, with Campagnolo Record 11 2011 group set, Topolino ATR3.0 wheels and Edge headset, handlebars and seat post. It weighs an astounding 6.9 kilos - a good four and a bit kilos lighter than my old bike (this is roughly the equivalent of me whacking our great big Burmese cat Lyle into my jersey pocket). I got a custom paint job, including 1940s custom art work on the fork. I had planned on getting a Varga girl, choosing a very saucy little minx. But it turns out that even the most talented air brush artists have their limitations. She was just too detailed for such a small area. So I took my inspiration from the Lancaster bomber Kim's dad flew in WW2. One side of the fork features the British bomber's roundel, the other the bomber's call sign of Gee! And it looks as pretty as a picture.

Being the king of matchy-matchy, Kim bought me a new helmet to match. And some shoes and a new Capo cycling kit. And how does it handle? Like a racing machine. It is so light and responsive it's like riding nothing at all. It is so keen to corner that I have to go very tentatively at the moment, I'm not quite ready to corner aggressively at some insane speed! Really, words fail me. The riding experience is a dream. I didn't know bikes could get this good!

I am completely and utterly in love! Big hugs and kisses to Parlee in the US, Cycling Edge in South Melbourne and, of course, my dearest boy for giving me such a treat.

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donnasoowho said...

I didn't realise it was your anniversary - congratulations!! I'm still thinking about that blood sausage. And the sausage wrapped in bacon... mmmm (I didn't need any lunch).

Sailor Lily said...

happy anniversary- ain't lvoe grand? and what an amazing present- MAybelline indeed!