Saturday, February 12, 2011

Devonshire tea

Afternoon tea at the gallery to celebrate Donna's birthday! Yum! Generous pots of tea with scones and jam and cream. Devon style means the cream goes on first but that's not how I was brought up! I got to wear my tea dress for the first time. I've lost a bit of weight since I bought it (always nice) so I think it's a bit saggy round the middle. I've got a second dress in the same style but I bought (hugely) the wrong size and I'm not brave enough to take it apart to remake it! But it's ever such a lovely fabric...

Mr Mailman brought some new patterns!

I also bought some fabric online from Lincraft and think I made a bit of a mistake. I don't really know much about fabric types so I'm just learning what's what. And I think what I've bought is not it! Spent the day cutting out patterns for a nightgown.

I've decided not to be authentic with the length cause I think I might feel a bit Lady Macbeth in a long gown. I also cut out some matching fabric for tap pants to wear underneath. Again, I've adjusted the pattern - modern patterns never come up to your waist! I don't know much about pattern adjusting either so we'll see how my fiddling works out! If successful I might get brave enough to try them in some silky material. Luxury!

Sewing makes me very happy. I like to have trash tv on while I sew so I've got something to listen to. Yay Xena warrior princess!

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