Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fit for active service

Turns out I'm not going to die just yet! I have an inflamed rib cage - which is really so much better than heart disease. So now I just need to sit on the sofa watching Xena for a few days and everything will be boompsadaisy! This also means that my crazy meds have been absolved of causing heart failure so I can go back up to my regular dose. All of this makes me much much happier than I've been for the last week.

Now that I'm not dying I can turn my thoughts to more frivolous matters: what am I going to wear this autumn?? I think we all need to accept that summer has gone AWOL this year so I'm plunging right ahead. I'm thinking mulberry and lavender and dusky blues and rose.

Of course, a girl can't really afford to pick and choose with fabrics around Melbourne still, it's fun to think about.

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Sailor Lily said...

I want colors of chocoloate, dark teal, cream, mustard and chartreuse. but you'll probably see me in black....glad you've got some useful and not-too-scary info to work with now. enjoy Xena, and hercules, and Dr phil too!