Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bon voyage!

This weekend was a bit sad as it was a farewell to my dear friend, Donna, who is moving to sunny Queensland. We had a lovely time at the Soo family farewell party and the weather cooperated by letting us get in a final ride together on Beach Road. I'm very sad that she's going and I'll miss her very much. We've had such fun together. Ridden for miles and miles, got sunburnt, eaten lots of yum cha (the joys of a post ride appetite!), been baking queens and pretty much photographed every meal we've eaten together. She's been there for me with a cup of tea when my bipolar mind has strayed and we've celebrated a wedding and her new role as a mother. I'm going to miss being there as little Gus grows up. And of course her lovely husband, and riding partner, Ray. This is sad. I hope I'm conveying what a great friend she is!

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