Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Busy as a bee!

Beautiful Ava Gardner on a bike! Doesn't she look happy?

I'm feeling pretty chipper myself, despite the fact that I spent the bulk of the day talking financial stuff (I came a way from a meeting with two pages worth of things to do!) I also trotted out to the Jewish Museum for the afternoon. I thought I'd take up a treat. Did you know Glicks sell biscuits by the kilo? How could I resist? I was feeling pretty Kosher until I had a last minute pang about rocking up in forties clobber. This is something that bothers me every now and again - am I going to upset anyone? (You'd think being friendly with a Rabbi would reassure me!) There was an elderly woman at the reception desk who looked at me very sternly - uh oh. Then she told me I'd done my hair wrong and that I should be able to get a pen through my Victory Roll. So we had a lovely chat and shared some of my biscuits while I waited for my meeting. (And yes, while I waited for people in the library I did sit there sticking a pen through my hair.) Everything was good until I decided to walk home. High heels are all very well for tripping around the library but not for striding around St Kilda. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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