Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In the mail

Exciting things come in the post! Mr Mailman delivered two parcels today. My mum sent me a care package of Mor Basil and Grape hand cream, all tucked up with lavender from her garden and a sweet note saying how much she loved and missed me.

Then this pattern arrived. Though I'm starting to worry about my ability to fit things properly, given the evidence in yesterday's outfit post. Today I wore a new skirt - not a complete success. The muslin I made was too big so I took it in. Then it was too snug. So I took the middle road on the real thing. And it's still too big! Sigh. I could unpick it and take it in but waistbands are my bete noir so I'm not super keen on heading down that path. Still, not bad for six months sewing experience. No photo because I was in a rush to get changed for my boxing class.

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