Monday, March 7, 2011

Me made March

Rumpled as usual! This is cotton drill and I'll freely admit I chose it because of the colour. I bought it online, my favourite kind of shopping! But probably not the best way to choose fabric if you're still learning. Wikipedia said it was used for military uniforms so I figured you couldn't get more 40s than that. Now I know that there must be platoons of rumpled soldiers out there because it is very very creasy. It does feel nice to wear though. And of course it's a little roomy. But I realized that the pattern is size 18 1/2! No wonder it's a bit roomy. Though no excuse for not tailoring it properly! I'm so scared I'll get fat that I'm really reluctant to take things in. Must be bolder! People were very nice about it but I really struggled to stop myself pointing out all the faults. It was surprising how hard it was!

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Anonymous said...

Sewing a shirt is pretty complicated - looks great!

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful and not all that crumply. You are getting very good. Methinks ones does protest too much.
Colour gorgeous.

Curvy Kitty said...

Alert readers will notice that I put the button holes on the wrong side! I was a bit gung-ho about it, a) because button holes signal the end or a sewing project and b) because automatic button holes are so much fun to do! I shall refrain from pointing out the other boo boos.

Admin - SBNG said...

I want a T Shirt of nothing but buttons.

Can this be done?

Sailor Lily said...

the sewing is great. I'm hugely impressed, and jealous. Being able to make your own clothes is liberating.