Monday, March 28, 2011

What ho!

I've been having a lovely few days off, getting into a relaxing routine. I've worked at a local street party, representing the library with our wheelbarrow of free books. It was a tad tiring but I had a great time. Lots of regular borrowers came up to say hello and lots of new people were very happy to pick up a book for free. I got a yummy sausage from the St Kilda football club sausage sizzle and picked up some cupcakes from the Nelson Street kinder cake stall. A friend from the street came down with a cup of tea at half time which was very much appreciated. It was a lovely neighbourhood event. Then I trotted off to the bike store where Mr Chairman was building his new winter bike.

I've managed to fit in a few films too. I loved Laurence Olivier's Henry V. I have mixed feelings about Larry, he's such a ham! This was a fabulous wartime morale raiser - no ambiguity about King Hal's motives here! The production is beautiful, modeled on medieval Book of Hours.

I rewatched The Postman Always Rings Twice. Man I love Lana Turner. Plus I realized I have a pattern very similar to her dress (well, it has a keyhole neckline) which I'm now inspired to sew in white fabric for summer.

What else did I watch. Oh! A film based on Gypsy Rose Lee's novel The G String Murders. Lady Burlesque is a ripper. It stars the ever fabulous Barbara Stanwyck and the costumes, closely modelled on Gypsy's own, are lust worthy.

I'm a fan of GRL so I really enjoyed this trip backstage to the world of burlesque.

I've finally got around to watching Powell and Pressburger's A Matter of Life and Death. I haven't seen this film for years (since sneaking in for free to the Tas Uni film society's screening with my mum). They may be my favorite directors, no one does wartime England better. The Technicolor is stunning. And of course I've only a black and white photo to show you!

I was hoping to sneak in 300 (well it is a war film!) but Xena is on. Toodle pip!

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Anonymous said...

Xena? Since when did you like Xena?

Love the keyhold dress.

allaboutwarmovies said...

I love The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp. As a matter of fact I loved it so much I wasn't even able to review it. I certainly need to watch A Matter of Life and Death. The Archers were really highly original and creative.

Curvy Kitty said...

Xena? Since the moment I set eyes on her! They started the show from the beginning recently and I've been hooked. Best thing New Zealand ever did!

I've had Blimp on my shelf for two years and am ashamed to say I've never got around to watching it. Could be today's viewing!