Friday, April 8, 2011

Glamour puss!

Last night I had a makeover. I finally got my hair cut. And holy moley! I've found a hair dresser who's interested in vintage styles. I dropped off my Lauren Rennells styling book and the Turudich bible of 40s styles. And she read them both! Then spent the rest of the day researching techniques online. What a marvel.

First up we talked about colours. I wanted something dark, she wanted red. She started to point out colours that were in fashion and didn't seem to mind when I told her I didn't care about that! Hairdressers always tell me not to go dark as it will 'wash me out'. I was hoping this was just the spray tan interpretation of what I would call 'elegantly pale'. So dark it was.

The cut was exactly as the book described. She then set my hair in pin curls, bless her. Perhaps not the set I would have done, but at least she's giving it a go. I'll see how I go with it tonight.

So, an informed hair dresser who listened to what I had to say, explained what she was doing and let me have my way if I insisted. She asked me to pop in and see her today to show her how the set turned out and listened to my feedback about how we could do it better. Awesome!

And because winning one thing isn't enough for me - check out this competition! I could win this little guy!

I'm sure Mr C thinks I need a proper pincushion instead of leaving pins on the floor for him to step on. And if I don't win this cutie, they can help me make my own pincushion:

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Anonymous said...

Photos of HAIRCUT!!!

Pincushionisunbeoieveably cute. I talked about sewing with M today... but I think that I am a long way from making something just yet.