Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Glass half...

Some things aren't so flash. A fight with my dad about the wedding. (Yes, seriously. And the wedding is A YEAR away!) My mum's darling Nik cat fading. A friend losing her beloved dog. Discovering a massive potential auditing headache. Realizing ALL my girlfriends now live interstate. My sister's in a financial pickle.

But then there are good things. Like payday. (Oh no! Etsy beckons!) Like autumnal sunshine. Hairdressers that find forties styling techniques exciting. Friends over for pizza. Breakfasts with puppy dogs. A new cycling buddy. Winning a blogger's give away!!! A new blouse pattern! Yay! My poor demented kitty cat coming inside for the first time in a year. Xena!!

Look at the pattern I won!


Sailor Lily said...

I love the pattern. I love her hair!! How does she do that with the basic blunt-bob-cut?

Curvy Kitty said...

I'm going to say pin curls. I'm going to test out a new setting lotion soon. If it holds a good curl I'll lend you some.