Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am now officially a sewer - I have a stash!

Had a day off work to spend with my sweetie. We slept in, I watched an episode of Xena with the cats, before we headed off to Prahran. We went to our regular cafe at the markets, where I had the biggest Anzac biscuit I've ever had in my life - so big I came over all thrifty and wrapped it up in my hanky for later. Then - excitingist of excitings - I went to Spotlight. There was lots to choose from and I got some bargains. Mainly cotton for shirts, a new skirt, a dress and a pair of pajamas. Yippee! My favorite part is button shopping. Though the fabric bit was a bit stressful. They cut the fabric and I completely panic that I've not bought the right length. My young man has been on at my to treat myself to a fabric shop for a while, and he's right, I love sewing and now vow to do it more often. It was so nice to spend time with Mr C, and now we're having our favourite dinner - yakitori chicken. Yum! I also bought a few secret treats on etsy - but that's a surprise for when they arrive!
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