Sunday, April 17, 2011

Laziest blogger award

The Laziest Blogger Award goes! Been super busy busy at work, with night shifts and author talks, school holiday programs and more auditing work. Busy but good. Now it's time to watch some movies and relax before I do a Sunday shift tomorrow. Been buying still more patterns. I think it's time to take a break from that for a while, and actually start sewing!

A house dress - how glamourous will I look doing the dishes?!

I am completely in love with this pattern but a bit concerned about getting the fit right. The original owner has drawn a plaid pattern on the bodice and I'm thinking a contrasting fabric there is a pretty good idea.

Because I love vintage sleep wear. And because madam on the left has a cute hair set.

I broke my pattern rule with his one. I generally keep pattern and postage to $20 or under - but this one is just so special I spent a bit more.You don't get many culotte patterns from the 40s.

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