Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bucket loads of goodness!

See these outfits? They're from a Japanese pattern book. A Japanese pattern book that I WON!! Thanks to the fabulous Adey of the Sew Convert blog - a fantastic dressmaker from Singapore. And that's not all I won, some Japanese fabric that's as cute as can be.

But hang on! This isn't forties! I know. I entered the competition to see if I could win it for my friend Donna. She's been talking about taking up sewing and I know her MIL Margaret is an absolute whizz. So I thought this might be a nice treat to get her inspired. Except I'm looking at that second fabric and thinking how sweet it would look for patch pockets. Sorry Donna, I might be snaffling that for myself!

The online sewing community is amazingly supportive. You can find all sorts of inspiration and advice. If I ever get stuck with a vintage technique, there's someone I can turn to for help. Yay for the internet! using BlogPress from my iPad

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