Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cat drama

Someone threatened to kill our cats last night. We tried to talk to them about it but got a whole heap of scary abuse. This person lives in a nearby halfway house for troubled youth; there's drug and alcohol stuff as well as anger and aggression issues as well. So when they threaten our cats we take it seriously. We ended up calling in the police and while they were supportive, it doesn't really protect our cats or our home. I'm going to try to keeping the cats inside but I don't know how well that will go down and I can't do that forever. I'm scared and upset and don't like feeling unsafe in my neighborhood.

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Novroz said...

What a terrible experience. Hope the cats never have to face that situation anymore.

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine why someone would want to kill George.

Curvy Kitty said...

Actually, it's George that is the problem child. He's been playing a bit rough with the neighbour's kitten. George imagines that everyone loves him and sadly, this is not the case.