Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello Mr Mailman!

Today I got some cheering packages in the mail!

See that gorgeous hooded shirt? It's not part of the pattern. Damn you Simplicity! I reckon I could fudge it, but still.

Vintage buttons! Buttons make me happy!

More Scottie dogs! Just can't get enough of them. I wore this today and was warm and toasty.

Patriotic wartime brooch. And the best parcel of all... from my mum!

The finished vest! From a 1940s pattern in the book Stitches in Time. Vintage 40s buttons from the Button Bower. My mum's the best.

So today was a happier day. Though I'd be a lot happier if I didn't have two crazy cats chasing each other through the apartment. I don't know about the neighbor killing the cats but if Lyle doesn't stop pacing I might have a go.
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Anonymous said...

Oh the vest does look nice though I thought it would be a bit tighter as in the pattern. The colour suits very much. Am a bit miffed that the rival vest is not only green but has Scottie dogs on it. Perhaps I should have had Scottie buttons o mine - though I do love the jelly mould ones. Glad you took a photo of the parcel.
Hope cat drama eases.

Curvy Kitty said...

The Scottie dog buttons are very cute and very, very impractical. Almost impossible to undo! Have my vest on today and am super snug and toasty. The fit is perfect and i think it looks the same as the pattern photo. The girl in the photo, Tuppy, is very slim. Thanks mum!

donnasoowho said...

Does it have scottie buttons? I can't see. Love both vests. LOVE the overalls in the pattern!

I am not going to buy a sewing machine. But we are starting project 'hemming curtains' next week. So it might inspire me.