Saturday, May 7, 2011

In which I visit a haberdashery store. Or two.

Yesterday I went to a workshop on change management. I learnt that you don't always learn a lot at these things but it never hurts to get a reminder and it did give us a space to talk through a few projects we've got coming up at the library. I then learnt that getting let off early on a Friday is a real treat. I hardly ever go into the city - feel like country folk getting all fancied up to go 'into town'. I was with Sailor Lily so we popped down to Degraves Lane for a pot of tea, truly the most disgusting tea experience I have ever had. Filthy crockery, like major yucko, and a teapot half - that's right, HALF - full of tea leaves. Maybe half a box of Twinings tea. I know I'm a tad fussy about tea, but really! Plus they first tried to serve the tea in a glass. And you know how I feel about that. We ended up with espresso cups which wasn't exactly an improvement.

I then went to lincraft because they were having a sale. Here I learnt that Australians must be a nation of bogan sewers. The half of the store that wasn't tacky satins and sparkles was fleecy tracksuit material. I did manage to find something dress worthy. Maybe not winter dress worthy but come spring, this is going to be a treat.

I'm already calling it my picnic dress and I know I'm going to make a red bolero jacket with some of the fabric as a bias edging. Forties fabric bolts came in very narrow widths. This is one of the reasons their fashions have so many panels and seams in them. But it does make it a bit hard to estimate how much fabric you'll need with today's wider fabric widths. So I always panic and buy too much. Don't worry, said the Lincraft lady, you can always use the extra fabric making the skirt fuller. At which i got to say - heavens no! Don't you know there's a war on?

Back in the days when I was Ready To Wear, I used to loathe shopping. These days I get quite a kick out of it. I stopped into a store to try on mauve leather gloves. I tried on a pair of shoes - where I learnt that not only am I prepared to pay a squillion dollars on a pair of high heeled peep toes with a mass of frippery flowers on the toes (they didn't fit) but that I had one stocking on inside out (seamed stockings have a right and wrong side) and a ladder in both of them. The shame! I popped into Cleggs where I learnt that there's no longer any such thing as seam tape but that old ladies use lace. I don't think that scratchy nylon lace and nylon stockings are going to play well together so I guess I'm going to be trawling etsy for vintage dead stock. But I did get served by a lovely steam punk lady in a corset and bustle.

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Sailor Lily said...

the tea experience was truly dreadful but the company pleasant!
yay for peep toes and retail sales-people in Steampunk.
in Footscray fabric shops abound- the African immigrant ladies all peddle fabric and wigs! I'll look closer next time I'm there.