Friday, May 6, 2011


Mr Male Pattern Boldness is having a jeans sew-a-long. I must say I'm tempted. I did stop to check out the denim selection at Lincraft and it's all stretch. Independently, the words 'stretch' and 'denim' are enough to fill the novice sewer with fear. Put them together and you've got something that I'm certainly going to rush into without much thought for my abilities. Much in the same way I made this dress (my first), with princess seams (my first), and pockets (my first) and all without pattern instructions (again a first). How hard could it be?

I know that this luck is going to fail. Probably once I go all out and buy really expensive fabric. Which is where the denim comes in. It ain't cheap. Which is enough to sink the heart of a girl who might have just gone and spent rather a lot of money on this pattern.

All of a sudden ready to wear is looking pretty good.

Freddies of Pinewood. Want!
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