Friday, May 27, 2011

Some inspiration for my mum

Referencing, of course, Ms Hepburn.

My mum wears a lot of trousers and is looking for some classic forties style.

I have the blouse from this pattern, and I admit it's my favorite, even nicer than the ones I make. It has nice darts at the waist so you can wear it untucked. Can't wait to have a go at the trousers.

Here's a version of the shirt in a soft knit. Bit plain on the fabric front I think. Not sure about taking the fullness out of the sleeves either. But you can see the shape.

The trousers made up.

Another shirt you can wear untucked.

Look at the detailing! Actually, I'd like to make a shirt like this. How hard can it be?

If this had darts at the waist this would be the most perfect shirt ever. That colour! Those flowing sleeves! Note the 40s limit on buttons.

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Anonymous said...

I think the Butterick pattern top left looks rather glam. Sadly I don't have Ms H's slinky frame so I think that although the trousers appear to be flattering on the waist, they may not look so good over a stomach bump. And what's with the voluminous trouser legs when there was a shortage of material????? Perhaps research on suits next??? I have just washed my hair in the laundry tub but mercifully the comparison stopped there as I got out my dryer and hey presto shiny hair in 3 minutes.