Monday, May 9, 2011

Vests and VE Day

I spent VE Day at the library before coming home and pretty much camping in front of the heater. Brrrr! I've been struggling with a book on Allied deception plans for two months. This is one of my favorite topics but I don't seem to have much staying power - I just keep putting the book down. I watched a few documentaries, most enjoyably Spitfire Women about the female crews that flew warplanes from factories to air bases during WW2. Magnificent women and a very inspiring story. I sometimes wonder what war work I should have done. It happens that I don't know how to fly a plane so that's out. Munitions work pays well but the hours! And the danger! I will confess to being naively enthusiastic about the Land Army. All those knitted vests and overalls! The work was very very hard though, and the women faced a lot of prejudice in country areas. So I have to face it, I'd be in admin. I can type like the wind and file like a demon. Plus I would have had a uniform and that would have looked quite smart.

My new land girl vest. Not exactly an eBay steal but worth every penny. Actually it's still cheaper than buying a new one. My wonderful mother is currently in a knitting frenzy! She's been brave enough to tackle a vintage patten from the book Stitches in Time. She's started with a vest which we thought would be easiest but it turns out that those forties lasses really knew how to wield a knitting needle because it's been bit hard and I know there's been a fair amount of unravelling going on. But isn't it pretty?

I'm sure mum will want me to emphasize that this is a work in progress! But the end is in sight. Now we've just got to choose some buttons! Then I really, really need a new cardigan. I wish I knew how to knit but feel i've left my run a bit late. I really should have started while mum lived in the city.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a wonderful mother. She must love you very much to spend time and effort knitting for you. Isn't the colour lovely - spearmint I believe. I would imagine a cardigan is more difficult so perhaps she'll knit a jumper instead, The vest you are wearing is so you!!! And must make people smile when they see you as it brightens up the day.

Curvy Kitty said...

You're right, my mother is wonderful. I think you'll find that I need a cardigan anyway - so she'll have to face it at some stage. That said, one of the, er, older library staff members has divulged the secret source of her twin sets. I just need to get the courage up to visit Southland to see if I can find them.