Sunday, June 5, 2011

Curvy Kitty and the jacket of doom

Things have been all topsy turvy this week. I had one sleepless night and for the rest of the week couldn't sleep until the early hours of the morning, only to wake far into the afternoon. And it's not as if I did anything late at night, but lie there fretting about not sleeping. So I was determined to get stuff done this weekend. I recently topped up my sewing stash at the Spotlight sale. I picked up some bottle green pinwale cord to make this 1945 jacket.

I've gone for number 1 with bishop sleeves and a collar. Unusual for a 40s pattern, this one suggests a lining. With guidance from some sewing blogs I drafted a lining pattern. The lining fabric, el cheapo bemsilk, was a nightmare to work with. Very slippery and tending to fray. (I was about to say I'll never work with silky fabric again but I'd love to make some lingerie.) Everything went wrong with this pattern. I sewed up my lining then melted it with the iron. Unpicked and salvaged what I could then cut a new piece. Except i forgot i was working from a different pattern for the lining so had to unpick and recut again. Luckily there was just enough fabric! Then I sewed the collar on crookedly. Turns out cord gives a bit when you sew so you have to start from the middle and sew out in both directions. I must have unpicked that collar four times. Then I couldn't attach the lining to the back neck facing. Took me four goes before I realized it was just like sewing princess line seams and that I had to cut wedges into the unsewn fabric in order to stretch it out. Phew! I'd be very happy with the lining - it makes for an instant proper finish - if i wasn't so worried about all the fraying that might be going on underneath. All that's left now is to attach the waist band, cuffs and decide on the buttons. For a proper finish i really should do bound button holes but i've never done those before and am a bit over sewing challenges right now.

Just noticed the lining sleeves are on back to front. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

What a nightmare that sounds - but you persevered when I would have given up. Why do you tackle such difficult patterns????? But what a relief when it all starts to come together. Don't forget to ask Mr Grumps to take a photo. So proud of you.

Curvy Kitty said...

I'm calling it the jacket of Dorian Gray. I've breezed through all my other patterns - amazingly so for such a novice. I think all the mistakes I haven't made before have come home to roost in this project. But I don't have bad feelings towards the jacket. I still have hope for it!