Monday, June 20, 2011


Ah! All the exciting places I didn't go on my holiday! I spent a relaxing week on my sofa, largely in my pyjamas. I read some 1930s mysteries by Josephine Tey, caught up with Xena and did lots and lots of sewing. I finally conquered the jacket of doom! I must say i'm quite pleased with it and yes, lining and all, would be willing to sew it again. I tried a new shirt pattern, which was such a breeze that I made a long sleeved version, which wasn't a breeze at all - I suspect that I shall be getting the scissors out and it will soon be a short sleeve shirt. But that's ok, i now know how to do cuffs. I made a skirt which I'm not thrilled with, think I need some more practice there. I made a winter dress, the collar of which nearly killed me. And a summer dress that I love! (Yes, I know, summer dress... It started life as a shirt.) Plus my mum came up from the country! Yay! We went out to dinner at Kamel which was yum, had Thai takeaway and talked knitting. Best of all, she'll be up again in a month's time. Last day of holiday. So sad.


Anonymous said...

Certainly sounds like a busy holiday - notwithstanding the pyjamas. Love the posters. I guess the best way to learn is to make mistakes; your dressmaking skills are really being tested. I used to stay away from cpollars, cuffs, tricky waists and anything with buttonholes. But then, the 60s were all loose and very mini and Mary Quant so easy peasy. Thanks for dinner at Kamel - wonderful food (and company). Looking forward to next trip but this time Melbourne has given me a terrible sore throat. So it's garlic, lemon drinks, honey and vit C tablets for now.
Enjoy being back at work. Love M

Anonymous said...

Kamel! I miss. Oh and I need a lemon, ginger and honey drink too.