Monday, June 27, 2011

Lost: 1 puppy dog

I took this green Bakelite fellow out to work today and it fell off my cardi somewhere. I've looked all over the library and he's just gone. I'm so sad.

As a pick me up I bought myself a copy of Ballard's Empire of the Sun. I read this over the weekend and I think it's fantastic. So so much better than Spielberg's film. I read an article Ballard wrote about the film - let's just say that it was markedly diplomatic! The book, about Ballard's own experiences as a child in a Japanese internment camp in China, is remarkable for it's lack of sentiment. To say it's about loss of innocence is to sell it short - it's a far more complex tale than Spielberg would have you believe. Despite the horrors of the camp Jim thrives in it. The book isn't about the heroism of those that experience war, but about the dreadful things we'll do in in order to survive. It's extremely powerful and illuminates a theatre of WW2 that is rarely discussed. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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