Sunday, July 24, 2011

DVD haul

There's a seedy looking dvd store in the city, down near the high end camera stores on Elizabeth Street. Once inside, avert your gaze from the sizable x rated section and you come across b grade movie nirvana! Looking for Jimmy Stewart's worst film? Of course you are! I couldn't resist Pot o Gold with Jimmy and Paulette Goddard. Described by publicists as the 'the swingiest, singiest, danciest, romanciest movie of the year'! Who could resist that? If you're a Victor Mature fan, why, they've got the lot (guaranteed shirtless scene in every one). And if I ever get into Westerns or Biblical epics, I've hit the motherlode.

How about 1930s serial Tailspin Tommy?

Or 1942 Captain Midnight?

Yes, I find this stuff irresistible. There is also good stuff hidden amongst this. I'm eying off Samuel Fuller's Hell and High Water, Lana Turner's Keep Your Powder Dry (ok, maybe calling that good is a bit of a stretch, but it's a tribute to women's war work and there's not much of that) and Fritz Lang's Hangmen Also Die (screenplay by Bertolt Brecht). Plus we found a copy of the long awaited Apocalypse Now full disclosure blu ray.

We also stopped into JB and picked up Detective Dee - based on an 18th century Chinese detective series - loved the books and the movie features Hong Kong pop star Andy Lau so how bad can it be? And the Red Baron - daring do in the skies!

Lots of movie fun!

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Anonymous said...

We just saw the 1940 movie Too Many Girls with a sweet Lucille Ball (before her raucus comedienne days) and Ann Miller. Lots of staged dancing and so-so tunes but some witty one-liners. Desi Arnaz played the bongos and sang. They evidently met on the set. The scenes of a 1940 college football game were hilarious.

donnasoowho said...

I remember that DVD store - I admit, I thought it was just an x-rated one!