Saturday, July 16, 2011

A visit

Mum came up from the country for a few days and I took some time off work to escort her around Melbourne. She was doing some talks at libraries about her book Macrobertsonland - on Melbourne chocolate magnate Macpherson Robertson.

We went to Glenroy (eeek!) and we went to some other place that took about an hour to get to. I can't even remember what library it was now. It was a long way out anyway.

I forwent the opportunity to hear the talk yet again at the City library (where they served champagne! What public library can afford champagne?? Jealous!) we spent alooooooot of time on public transport. During the middle of school holidays...

A visit from my mum is really just one long afternoon tea. We require frequent fortification. I don't think I'll need to eat anything sweet for the rest of the month. We also did a fair amount of shopping and I got spoilt rotten! Highlights were several trips to Journal in Flinders Lane (excellent source of tea for the weary traveller), some absolute bargains at the closing sale of Readers' Feast bookstore (actually, that's quite sad - but I did very well out of it) and my first visit to the absolutely gorgeous Kim at vintage haberdashery store Lucello, in the beautiful and crafty Nicholas Building. It was love at first sight. Millinery flowers, embroidery thread, ribbons and trims... Sigh... all so pretty and inspiring. I picked up some truly gorgeous vintage buttons and will soon be popping back for some repro feedsack. And the 40s dead stock rouge. And the little Eiffel tower needlework scissors.

Oh and the other treat was at the Provincial Hotel. Mum conducted a walking tour through Fitzroy (I admit, I skipped that bit) and then finished it off at the Provincial - where I arrived just in time for tea and dessert. The chef read the book, was inspired by MacRobertson's chocolate creations and did his own interpretations. We had a chocolate trio - pistachio caramel with bits of chocolate 'sand' on top (I don't know what it was but it was yum), a syrupy liquor sploshed version of the classic Cherry Ripe, and a blob of chocolate that, when prodded with a spoon, oozed with grapefruit ice-cream. Yum. Yum. Yum.
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Anonymous said...

Yes, the few days I had in Melbourne were an adventure. Croyden was the far-flung destination. And the frequent teas were an essential antidote to public transport.
Thank you so much for your generous gesture to accompany me. I needed the support even though I approached my talks enthusiastically. Thanks also for the technical assistance.
Yay for Portuguese custard tarts I say!!!!