Monday, August 29, 2011


Phew! Lost book drama over. Turned out I never even brought the books home from the library. Which is rather good because I discovered one of them now fetches $2500. Yikes! So the weekend turned out all tip top and boompsadaisy!

Time for some spring fashion inspiration courtesy of the 1940 spring Sears catalogue. Clicky clicky to see bigger pics.

My future has plaid in it.

And gingham!

Bolero jackets! Red, white and blue!

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donnasoowho said...

Oh phew re library books!

I like plaid and gingham.

But bolero jackets are a no. Although i did see this nice one at a shop a while ago. But no, they're still no.

Curvy Kitty said...

Really? Really? Can't believe that! I've just bought a pattern for one. I'm sure I can make it work. In fact, I'm determined. Curse you for making me have doubts now.