Saturday, August 27, 2011

Operation Bathing Beauty

Phase one of Operation BB is underway! Pattern has been bought - an Eva Dress repro of a 1941 pattern.

Fabric also bought - cotton, on sale at Spotlight. Board short fabric, for the little shorts that go underneath the skirt, sourced - thanks to Donna in Queensland! She's making a special trip so yay Donna! The vintage pattern specifies silk jersey - which retails here at $60m. I don't think so!

(sorry but i had to take the photo on my phone, my photographer being a work - it's actually very bright and sunshiny fabric)

The last thing I bought from the US took a month to arrive. I really don't understand US Postal. They managed to organize a cycling team but can't actually deliver any mail on time. Delivery dates and postage costs vary seemingly at random. So I may or may not get the pattern in time for my Queensland adventure in October.

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