Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday movie matinee

I watched a really good movie yesterday but i've already forgotten the title of it... Oh dear! So I'll have to talk about the other film I watched.

After reading Brodeck's Report I decided to take a break from the war. What better than a movie from the Depression! Actually this isn't as grim as it sounds. Take a look at this!

Wouldn't you go and see this? This is Gold Diggers of 1933. It's Warner Bros follow up to 42nd Street and it's a fabulous frockfest.

It's a great cast with Ruby Keeler and dreamy Dick Powell, in his pre noir crooner days.

The fabulous Aline McMahon

Sassy Joan Blondell and Guy Kibee. Look at that lingerie!

Ginger! Which is why we're watching it really.

And girls!



Yep, thats Busby Berkeley being saucy. I've always really enjoyed this film. The female leads are so strong and sassy and it really is a feel good film. It's very frank about the Depression - no one's got any money. The songs are great, the costumes enough for me to abandon the 40s and there are some hilarious lines. It also features the very moving Forgotten Man number - a protest against government treatment of WW1 veterans.

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Ron said...

Gold Diggers of 1933 opened the 2011 Olympia Film Festival last night. (Olympia, WA) Wow, what a fun film- and the costumery- unbelievable!