Sunday, August 14, 2011

Whirlwind weekend

Yes, I started the weekend early! I took Friday off to Yell for Cadel.

I trotted off to Fed Square with thousands of other people to see Cadel Evans. I had an excellent spot where I could see both the stage and the big screen. Yay for being taller than most people! I waved my little yellow flag, murmured a ladylike hurrah and even got a bit teary. And what a nice chap he is too. I've never seen him so relaxed and cheerful. A very exciting day.

Saturday morning I went for a ride with my friend Michael. Tried out the new S Works. What a sweet bike. It's less twitchy than my Parlee so even though super light and responsive I was filled with confidence. It's a real honey and I can't wait to get out on it again. Though it turns out that Michael's idea of a slow ride is very different to mine.
I made a bit of a goof with my social calendar and only a lucky txt alerted me to an afternoon tea i was running late for. So i went from sporty to glamorous in ten minutes! I got treated to a scrummy vegan spread that was absolutely delicious. And I drank more wine than i've ever had in my entire life. Plus champagne cocktails in vintage glasses. Spoilt!

I was going to ride again this morning but ended up doing the ironing, reading an old mystery and watching a war movie (When Trumpets Fade which I thought was rather good but short I - though i was setting my hair at the time so it's possible I missed bits). Now Kim is cooking dinner and I get to relax with a cat on my lap. Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely weekend. I'm so glad you're finally riding - but wasn't the weather great! I did loads of gardening but I wore my bright yellow sweat shirt (actually an old Telecom one of Steve's)to celebrate Cadel.
You look really trim and happy.