Monday, September 26, 2011


Turns out 40s horror films aren't my cup of tea. They require, not nerves of steel, but the patience of a saint and i've realized that I've really got to prioritize my film viewing these days. I do, however, have a lot of time for Boris Karloff so he'll be getting a blog post all of his own. In the meantime I've got the Godfather blu ray boxed set to watch. And at 3 hours each that's a lot of screen time. And a bit less Xena time.

Operation Bathing Beauty has stalled because i've lost the power cable to my sewing machine. But I have been buying some hats as a special birthday present for myself.

No cycling because Melbourne in spring pretty much sucks. Very jacket on jacket off. And far too windy for bikes. I've read Nella Last's War (filmed as Housewife 47). The film is supposed to be quite sympathetic, but the actual war diaries reveal her to be a bit of a pain. Still, I do love accounts from the home front and the book was fascinating. I also read another of Simon Garfield's war diary compilations. Great stuff. Very revealing of the attitudes of the people of Britain towards the war. Quite sad - they're all cross about endless government precautions so early in the war - unaware that the situation is going to get so much more serious.


Anonymous said...

How on EARTH do you loose the power cable to your sewing machine? In your house?

Are you bringing the hats to qld?

Curvy Kitty said...

A friend had lent me her overlocker. I gave it back and I think she got an extra cable. But she's out of town at the moment...

Hats, still waiting for US Postal to deliver. They take their own sweet time!

Sailor Lily said...

ooh, loving that hat!
I hope your program 'the history of the Cookbook' was a roaring success last night. I look forward to hearing about it.