Thursday, September 8, 2011

Land Army Girl - the final

Another cooked breakfast! More knitting, reading, chicken feeding.Pinching cuttings from mum's garden - violets, forget me nots, mint and thyme.

Learning to knit! I didn't do so badly. Except for the bit where I practiced picking up dropped stitches. Forgot to knit them once i'd picked them up, which made a bit of a hole...

Inspecting the fruit trees. They pruned the orchard rather late so no blossoms just yet.

Saying goodbye to my lovely mum!

On the plane to be demobbed! Train trip down - several hours and the better part of my sanity. Plane trip - 1 hour! Got a wee bit scared taking off, but thought that Kim's dad must have done this hundreds of times and while he was going to bomb Germany, I was going home!

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Anonymous said...

It's easy to be a wonderful mother when I have such a wonderful, loving daughter. Glad ypu hsd a good time and have lots of Land Army memories. The weather is now gloomy and wet but the orchard is beginning to blossom, though ever so slightly. A huge delivery of pea staw heralds some backbreaking work to mulch everyting before warmer weather sets in (well, I can hope).

Sailor Lily said...

I've loved reading about Captain Kit 'Land Army Girl' and her adventures in eating...good luck with the bathers as the pattern looks super-cute.