Thursday, September 8, 2011

Land Army Girl - part 3

In which we suffer a disappointment. And eat even more...

I have no idea what we did on Saturday. We started with a cooked breakfast - Maggie Beer's oat pancakes with stewed apple. I think I read, looked at mum's beautiful garden and had a nap. The big treat - we were headed out to see a swing band in the evening! I felt like a proper Land Army Girl getting my glad rags on.

How happy we look! So full of enthusiasm for the night ahead! So unaware of what awaits us... That's my mum's new car by the way.

Firstly, of course, we needed feeding. We set off for an hour's drive to Hamilton where we had a booking at the only restaurant in town. Wonderful cream of pumpkin soup followed by a pear and apple tart with Maggie Beer ice-cream the flavor of which escapes me (yes, there is a bit of a MB theme, I think because we're so close to the South Australian border).

Off to the arts centre for a night of swinging. Was a bit anxious at staying up past my bed time. Seats were a bit squishy, but never mind. There was a supposed to be a folksy support band but how bad could that be? Big bass section ta da and we start! It's not a swing number but never mind. Then a chap gets up and starts telling jokes. Odd. Then he starts to sing a Cole Porter song. Except he can't sing. Muffled giggles from our seats. Then a lady comes out and sings the Girl from Ipanema. Except it's not a swing song. And she can't sing. Muffled laughs turn to worried frowns. Joke man comes back, tells a joke and sings a 1950s novelty song. Uh oh. Then they get their trumpeter out and she sings It's Too Darn Hot and she is so absolutely fantastic that we make the mistake of getting excited. Because back comes joke man to introduce the folk band that are really a pub band and really really loud. With a fiddle player. The crowd goes wild. They start a Cat Stephens song and we flee into the night! We've been there half an hour. At least I got to bed on time!

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