Friday, October 7, 2011

Operation Bathing Beauty - finished!

After the slight setback of giving away my sewing machine power cord, I've finally finished my bathing suit. I must say, I'm not super pleased with my sewing on this one. I decided not to hand stitch the shorts waistband and I think that lazy moment was a mistake - though thankfully a hidden one. I also had to take the over dress pattern in a crazy 6 inches. In retrospect I should have been bolder and taken it in even more. The top feels a bit gapey but not immodestly so. I did do an awesome job hand sewing the lining around the invisible zip. All set now for some sunny times in Queensland!

In other news my hats have started arriving. Probably a bad time for me to start wondering if hats suit me or not! Seeing a parcel arrive at work is always exciting but there's something special about unwrapping a hat. Open the box, undo the velvet ribbon, peel back the tissue paper and race off to the mirror - it's all so delightfully feminine. My most successful hat is the little one with a chrysanthemum (my favorite flower) given to me by my stepmother. Just need to make an outfit to go with it!

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