Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunny Queensland!

Wasn't so sunny after all!

Things started off well with a platter of fish and chips! The next day there was an awesome tropical storm so our trip to water world - and the debut of my 1940's swim suit - was cancelled! The day turned out sunny and fine anyway and we sat around eating sausages and salad at a BBQ.

Next day was super sunny and I got a bit sunburnt. (If you decide not to take your parasol with you to Queensland because it seems like too much drama please, please think again!) We caught the City Cat - a ferry along the river. It was lovely and we got to look at all the grand old Queenslanders lining the riverbank. We stopped off for brunch - yummy Italian savory mince - so good both Donna and I will be having it again for dinner soon! Then we went for a wander along Southbank - where the not very OHS conscious Brisbane City Council have built a pool and beach. Donna and I took our shoes off and paddled our toes.

The day was actually a lot sunnier than it looks here! We had homemade lemonade and then more food! And a laze beneath a tree by the river. Brisbane is so green and lush, though there's still plenty of evidence of the floods. I saw bush turkeys and lots of parakeets and ibis and all the jacarandas were in bloom.

There were lots of trips to the park and playtime with Gussie - who, I must say is a very chilled out kid. I had such a relaxing time - I feel very rested. It was great to simply hang out with Donna and just blather on. I do miss her!

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Sailor Lily said...

I am sorry for swimsuit who I know was excited about her debut.
Sounds like a good weekend though.