Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wishful thinking

Sorry for the absence. I got bogged down in horror films...

My dad was in town on Saturday so we got up early for breakfast at Batch. I went a bit crazy and had potato rosti - a hearty dose of carbs to start the day. We then trotted off to town which was full of folks heading out for Derby Day. I do so love the racing season. Everyone dressed all ladylike with some beautiful hats on display. And of course, this lady...Dita!

There were race commentators calling the crossing of the traffic lights outside Flinders Street station - and the lady in the red fascinator has hit the lead. Which was so amusing we all forgot to cross the road. I popped in to L'Ucello for some buttons for my new sun dress. I love going to the Nicholas Building. There's the last manned lift in Melbourne and I love closing the double wrought iron doors. L'Ucello, the vintage haberdashery store, could be my favorite place in the city.

While it's fun to fossick, if you ask Kim for help, she knows just which box to pull out from under a table and finds just what you were looking for - in my case some bright red vintage buttons. I've been working on this sun frock

For which I have a billion acres of this fabric

The material can only be described as bouncy. The bottom layer stretched as I cut and sewed it so the pattern isn't matched exactly, though I defy anyone to notice it. You'll notice that the bodice and straps are similar to my swimsuit and again I had a huge fitting issue. The top was just inches too big around the bust. I've taken it in but I don't know, I could be rapidly falling out of love with this dress. Particularly when I turned around and noticed the back is too low cut for modern bras. Sure, I could keep the bolero on but then my beautiful buttons will be hidden! In any case the weather in Melbourne is still completely miserable so who knows if i'll ever get a chance to wear it!
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donnasoowho said...

I think you'll have to go strapless!! lovely dress tho. I found a shop the other day that I thought you would have liked when you were here (called Tiger Rag). I am trying to convince Margaret to make me some shorts... not sure if she go thte hint... but guess what, I've almost sewed the zip into my skirt!

Curvy Kitty said...

Oh I know Toger Rag! Didn't know they had a physical store though. They do good wide legged trousers. You should def get Margaret to make some shorts. Wish it was warm enough here fir shorts. Well done on the zip! You'll have it finished in no time!