Friday, November 4, 2011

The library Blitz

My library looks like it's suffered bomb damage. We're in the process of replacing most of the shelving and rearranging the collection. It's a BIG job and i've been working like a Trojan - moving acres of books, constructing shelving, and supervising a team of staff who are doing a lot of the grunt work - while trying to keep the library running and everyone happy - though I may have missed a few things on that last point! I come home tired, dirty, with broken nails and a sore back. At least it's easier than war work. I would have done long hours, say 9 - 6pm four days a week, 9 - 9pm on Friday and 9 - 1pm on Saturday - not to mention swing shifts and no public holidays. And if you're in the land army the hours are even longer, the work even harder. Then you have to queue for food! So, I may not be doing munitions work - but I'm still pretty tired! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


Anonymous said...

Sounds incredibly hard work - though I agree with you about putting it in perspective. I'm always exhausted after gardening and now I have a spider bite that has paralysed my hand and I am wallowing in self-pity. Then I think of people who have lost the use of their hands pemanently. (Off to the doctor to make sure this is not permanent!) M

Curvy Kitty said...

Poor you! Hope your hand is feeling better soon.