Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good people

People can be good. I came home to find six people outside my back gate. From experience I knew this was undoubtably cat related. I tried to sneak in the front gate but they caught me. And yep, there in the middle of the huddle was little Jack cat chatting his head off. Half the people thought he'd been hit by a car, the other half thought he was a starving stray and had gone home to get him some cat food! Mortified, I assured them that a) I did take care of him b) that he ate like a pig c) he had dementia and it's affected his balance. But thanks anyway. It was very kind of them and Jack gobbled up his afternoon tea like the greedy guts he is. Over the last few days i've been touched by the care people have taken with Jack. Our neighbors have been making sure he doesn't wander too far and I'm pretty sure he's getting snacks from a few households. he's a very lucky old man.

I wrote this yesterday. Today I'm a little annoyed by caring people! I was walking home from work when I saw two young chaps carrying a cat case. My, that looks a lot like Jack. But of course, how could that be? Except of course, when I got home my little cat was no where to be found. This isn't the first time but we have a dense garden and he's as deaf as a post so can be pretty tricksy to find him. On the off chance, I called the vet. Yep, someone had taken my cat to the vet. Apparently, a group of people had gathered on the footpath, some one was feeding him and they all decided he was a sick abandoned cat. He'd been given even MORE food at the vet - the little pig! So now he has a new blue collar with bells on it and a GIGANTIC tag that says he's ok, just very old! What an adventure! He's now happily on my lap watching Xena, safe and sound!
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Anonymous said...

He knows how to get attention.

Curvy Kitty said...

I spoke to the fellow who took him to the vet. Apparently he fed Jack lamb chops. We don't even eat lamb chops! It's the Great Kitty Cat Scam!!

Anonymous said...

oh dear, but a bit funny. if you can't scam a good chop when old and demented then when can you? He is getting in his pleasures isn't he- poor old sausage.