Sunday, January 22, 2012

New dress!

New seersucker dress. Made from mail order pattern 1st Prize 1767. Mail order patterns come with virtually no instructions. Just one or two pictures and a lot of arrows. This was my first time sewing scalloped edges and my first hand blind stitched hem. It's such a lovely airy dress to wear. I'm in love with seersucker and the fabulous sleeves. The yoke was a tricky one so I'm terribly proud of my handiwork.

Finished this just in time to take tea with my ladies Nicole and Jo. A lovely day. I need more lady friends! My eyes aren't closed in the photo - I'm looking at a pussy cat!


Anonymous said...

It looks really good! Belt is so cute. Although I have bad memories of seersucker myself... I had a blue dress....

Anonymous said...

I used to make seersucker tsblecloths!! But such a summery material. Absolutley love the sleeves. Hope you bring it when you miotor down this weekend.