Monday, January 9, 2012

Plan B? What Plan B

I'd had a bit of trouble looking for fabric for my wedding dress. I was looking for some crepe. It's very common for 40s dresses as it has a wonderful swing and drape to it. It is almost impossible to find in Australia. You can get wool crepe - which comes in such exciting colours as black and navy and costs....$70 a metre! You can get silk crepe which is too fine and needs to be dry cleaned and costs ...$70 a metre! You can get satin backed crepe which is two heavy and has an unpleasant crepe finish. But no polyester easy to care for heavy enough for a dress crepe. I found a store online selling polyester crepe, in magnificent colours. Hurrah! So I ordered a sample to make this pattern, so I could see what it might look like for the w dress.

I bought the grey and I was all excited about going to L'Uccello to by some vintage red trim. Parcel arrived today. I ordered what was labelled crepe. What i got is crepe de chine. Not at all the same thing. They said it was dress weight. Maybe if you were making a dress for a fairy. It is everything I hate in a fabric. Slippery, light weight and slightly shiny. And so far I don't have a plan B. Oh dear. - Toodle Pip!

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