Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some sunny day

New year, new branch - needs a new dress!

This is 1945 Simplicity 4727 made with fabric mum gave me for Christmas.

It clearly needs a bolero - regardless of what you anti-bolero people think. It's going to be red and gorgeous. The one on the right, not the weird vesty one.

This week I started at MP and I've been busy as a bee chucking things out. Funny branch, MP. It's a real oddity. It's so spectacularly unnecessary. I need to think of ways to make it valued. I suspect it may involve a lot of chatting.

Good thing is that I ride my cruiser to work. I manage the run in high heels, through there are a few pin up moments when my dress rides up to show the top of my seamed stockings! And my sweetie meets me after work to take me out to tea. And yesterday I got an extra treat - a 10 disc box set of Benny Goodman. I'll have to marry the man! (my sweetheart, not BG). And I must thank him for taking my photo because, while he was stoic, I bitched and moaned about getting eaten by mozzies.

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Anonymous said...

yay- what a gorgeous frock. I like boleros; what's wrong with boleros? MP does require chatting, I think that is its odd kind of charm. You may also get Mums who want to feel Ok about doing a nappy-change on the floor or maybe even breastfeeding in the red chair( I had both in one afternoon last year).
so glad you're taking the chance to ride and show your knickers you TART!

Anonymous said...

You're so clever! I like Bolero's too (and in fact, M and I have been discussing whether my dress for your wedding will have a bolero or not).

Think of MP as being able to add your 'personal touch' to the service ;-). If I still lived there I'd come and visit you!

Riding cruisers is hooray.

Curvy Kitty said...

Glad to hear from the pro boleros! D you should def wear a b to the wedding. Got a compliment from a staff member about MP today so that makes me happy! Thanks for cheering me on.

Anonymous said...

Love the dress but would have liked to have seen more of it. Looks so summery. Glad you liked the material - gives me confidence to buy more. Be careful riding. How go the victory rolls under the helmet? Yay for BG. Steve most impressed!!!!

larrythelibrarian said...

Good luck at Middle park, I am sure you will give it heaps of personality.
It has to be regarded as a social place.
I think that you should start hosting afternoon teas.

cheers Larry

Curvy Kitty said...

Afternoon teas! That's just what I was thinking!