Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1930s dress

Made from a late 30s pattern but cut to a more 1940s length. 30s dresses are really long! I took over 7 inches off the hem to make it just below the knees. I hand finished this with invisible stitching which I have to say is my best ever. Buttons are vintage from l'Uccello. Made while I was on my holidays. Very proud. Kim continues to organize his part of the wedding most efficiently. I'm still waiting for fabric samples before I can order my dress. Bit nervous making! And I'm pretty sure Kim is going to look more glamourous than me. Wedding registry is sorted. Must go to florist soon!


Anonymous said...

hey I was darn distracted this morning but still kept admiring that dress. I should have said so- it's a beaut!

Anonymous said...

I love the colour. Even your pose is lovely!!!!
They must love you at l'Uccelo.