Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I popped into the local florist on my way home from work. They're always lovely and when I popped in last year they were really relaxed and said they could get me what ever I wanted for the wedding. And what I wanted were water lilies because that's what my nanna had. Turns out I can't have whatever I want. I can have roses, gerberas, lilies or orchids. To which I say meh! But that's ok because mum suggested her old Fitzroy florist, Vasette.

They were super professional and will send me an email photos next week. I'm supposed to send them pictures of the kind of thing I like. Which is now giving me a headache because all bunches of flowers look beautiful! I'm a fan of the picked from my garden / shoved in a jar look. And kim doesn't care what flowers i get (apparently it's a girl thing) so now i have to make a decision all on my own... And you know how well that's worked for me so far. Expect a poll soon. Toodle Pip!

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Anonymous said...

That was such a brilliant idea of mine. I remember in autumn they do beautiful arrangements of grasses and seed pods which might look interesting and not the usual flowers in a vase. They are very goo. You should pop over and see them on Saturday.