Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vintage tv

I have become completely addicted to two 1940s television series: Bomb girls (a Canadian drama set in a munitions factory) and Land Girls (BBC nostalgia exercise). Both make the work look a little like a picnic but the costumes are dreamy and I’m awfully fond of the characters. My own vintage soap operas! Yesterday we picked out some new glasses for me. As I can’t live without them we thought it was time I got some in a more vintage style. We were going to SpecSavers but after spending an hour and a half there, getting my eyes tested and being fitted with faulty then incorrect contact lenses, we went to a much nicer optometrist in Elwood. Two weeks until we pick them up! No sneak peeks. We also collected Kim’s new reading glasses – in a late 1940s / 1950s style. And he looks gorgeous in them. Wedding dress Plan C arrived. It’s my grandmother’s ball gown from the 1930s. Burgundy embossed velvet in immaculate condition. Wedding dress Plan A still hasn’t been sorted. Nor has Plan B. But it wouldn’t be a war wedding if things weren’t done in a rush. In other scary news – the bank ate our money. They assure us we’ll get it back in two days. In the meantime things are a little scary. Good thing we’ve stocked up on cat food! - Toodle Pip!

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Anonymous said...

These aren't on free to air tv are they??? I am just about to read a book (fictional) called Daisy's Wars about a WAAF ('who is cursed with strkingly attractive good looks'). The cover has a picture of a woman with sausage curls on top of her head and the rest in a snood, Promising.