Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nowhere near organized

My young man has been super busy with wedding plans. Busy researching, busy shopping and, really, because I've had a sneak peek, busy looking pretty damn natty. I've done nothing. I did just get around to ordering this:

Not the bra bit (much as i'd like a What Katie Did vintage style bra, the thought of shopping online for a bra before a wedding just fills me with fear and dread and I just don't think I'm up for that kind of stress and palaver). But I do need a girdle that isn't black. I'll be wearing a slip and all but just in case, I must still be ladylike and I'd hate for anyone to see my black garter belt. Plus, a girdle pushes you in and out in all the right places! Because we're busy busy saving for the wedding we're not shopping for anything else. But I think these 1930s style dance shoes are part of my future. Aren't they gorgeous! How Ginger Rogers are they?!

Toodle Pip!


Anonymous said...

I don't understand that underwear at all. How is the bra bit separate? I can imagine that you don't need to do much when you've got Mr Chairman on the job. Really, he could be a wedding planner...

Curvy Kitty said...

I've been everything from an A to D cup over the years so I'm reluctant to buy something that I might not fit into on a year's time. Girdle finishes just below the bust line.

Mr C is so efficient! He's done pretty much all the hoo ha so far. All I've done is txt for some malting addresses. And not much else!

Anonymous said...

Girdle looks fabulous. Glad you have bought it. It will make you feel beautiful.