Thursday, April 12, 2012

Morning tea

My mum and my sister have arrived for the wedding. We went to the gallery for tea: scones and eclairs and cupcakes and delicate savouries. Yum yum! Then a spot of shopping. L'Uccello of course, where I got some buttons for a new dress. A beautiful headpiece with vintage millinery flowers from the antique store next door. I also got an early birthday present which is going to be really hard not to unwrap! A book on 1940s fashion.

Plus I wore a new dress. I really need to take the belt in. I keep making them too loose. I reckon i'm still a pretty calm bride but it's possible my family might push me over the edge! And tomorrow I've an event at the library. What crazy librarian organises a function two days before her wedding? Crikey.


Anonymous said...

well a few days have passed now since this post, and your wedding! Congratulations to you and the chairman, happy days! see you next week Mrs...


Anonymous said...

The dress was lovely - and what a scrumptious morning tea. You MUST NOT read the book until September. The headress wasa a love present to wear with a mauve cardigan.