Sunday, June 24, 2012

The case of the thwarted reader

I recently fell down the stairs at work. I know. Again! So I've been using my recovery time catching up on some reading. Some of it work stuff (social media marketing!) most of it pure indulgence. I've been so in love with my kobo that I started to feel sorry for the pile of books from the library sitting neglected under a chair. I finally got around to reading Atonement - which I have mixed feelings about. But I have been thinking about it a lot since I've finished so that's a good thing. I've also tracked down some of the books McEwan used as reference material for the Dunkirk and nursing sections of the book and I'll be looking forward to them arriving. I read another book on the Double Cross system in WW2 - all double agents and subterfuge - a topic I find endlessly fascinating. Which also featured Kim Philby and points to future reading because I don't know much about that incident. Any recommendations for this topic? This book was pretty stubbornly stiff spined and needed wrestling with to read so i jumped back on the kobo. Then I started Marcus Zusak's The Book Thief on the kobo. My mum gave me the book book version several years ago and I've put off reading it because physically it looked like an uncomfortable read. I'm 100 pages in and loving it and the kobo's battery has gone flat and I'm very cross indeed! And I gave the book book version to mum to read so now I'm stuck! What are you reading? - Toodle Pip!


Maggie said...

Hi Sweetie. what's with all this falling down. Hope you're ok now!!! Have just had a hot chocolate and a slice of Persian Love Cake with cream (at Artback in Wentworth) Having great time. JR
Dear Kate - your mother failed to mention the cava and French champagne... no wonder a girl falls down occasionally...
Margaret XXXX

Anonymous said...

Lady I should have called you this weekend! I suppose it's not too late... GG is in the bath with his twirly star as we speak... hopefully he'll be in bed soon. I feel guilty about reading books on the ipad and not reading real ones anymore.... I've just re-read the Handmaids Tale. Still love it after all this time!